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Rachel & Jason Married! 10.10.09

Aside from all the crazies (and I say that with love) Rachel and Jason still found a few more moments to blissfully revel in their new relationship status & the family there to celebrate with them! I’m so happy to know Rachel & Jason
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Rachel & Jason E-pics 06.04.09

Rachel may well be the best thing that ever happened to Jason. I adore Rachel & Jason – the second they got engaged Rachel came down to our local tavern and walked in and said YOU’RE GOING TO BE OUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER.
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Did you know?

…it up.I’m so excited to share shots from the weddings of Kristan & John, Kim & Bryan, Stephanie & Mike, and Heather & Chris as well as more of Rachel & Jason‘s engagement shoot and other things that have been going on!
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Just a Sunday Hello

I’m off to pray to the rain gods and shoot Rachel & Jason‘s engagement photos – and have some yummy Ice House!But before I go – here’s a hello from Avery.
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Rachel & Michael 09.27.08

Rachel and Michael!  I LOVE the stars that Rachel has on her back.  All this beauty in the same place!?Rachel arrives at the church and is greated by her dad.. 
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